Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let The Third Season Begin!

After failing the first two, Penn State is ready for phase three to begin. This is also known as "The Big Ten Tournament" for you non-basketball gurus.

For Penn State coach Ed DeChellis, conference tournaments are the start of what he calls the "third season."

"It's pretty big," DeChellis said at Monday's press conference. "You're trying to play in the NCAA tournament. It's important, because we're not there. So, we got one more chance and you got to try to put all your eggs in one basket." -Daily Collegian

Very....interesting. Making it sound like you were saving your energy during the first two "seasons". I like this approach.

Reporter: "So coach, 86-49, what gives?"

DeChellis: "Patience, my young one, the third season is nearly upon us!"

Well I'm buying, what the hell. The great/terrible thing about basketball is that, until this Thursday (and really, not until next Thursday) games simply don't matter. Teams are truly 0-0...which is good news for us.

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