Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guys, Don't Worry About Pryor [Enter Jack Nicholson]

He's required to take Anger Management classes. His whole team, actually. Well, both teams.

PUNISHMENT 1. Players and coaches from both teams must attend anger-management classes by the end of the school year. 2. All athletic programs at both schools are on two years' probation. 3. Coaches, principals and athletic administrators were publicly censured. 4. Both schools must give the WPIAL a written plan on how to make sure this won't happen again. Jeannette's plan is due today.
No word yet on whether this will be 'double secret probation' or just the regular thing.

Two awesome things about this decision. First, the word censure. Secondly, the written letter and making sure "this won't happen again". Seems 3rd grade to me I guess.

Well, I guess this is a good time: why the hell is Penn State getting so much slack for this? Everyone knows he hasn't committed, right? And that Ohio State is still the lead dog? Or am I missing something?


Jonny said...

I really hope Jeanette doesn't make it to the semi's. I don't want to give Joepa another chance to swoo him.

Try finding that on wikipedia.

Paterno Lives! said...

urban dictionary:
swoo - the process of completely and utterly PWNING! someone.

before you ask...
PWNING - To own someone to such an extent that neither an O or a 0 can express it. Started off as a typo by moron skript kiddies.