Thursday, March 27, 2008

These Are Trying Times [Plagiar-Ageism]

Not because of any great travesty, but as a blogger weeks like this are a nightmare.

Football is over, 2008 speculation has run it's course. Yes, we have spring ball, but no one is talking. Not Joe, not Graham, not the players...even the anonymous sources have been silent.

But we truck on, as all blogger must, into the depths of what is available. The reason for this drying of the well is due, of course, to Paterno's contract situation. Until things are resolved, we probably aren't going to be getting much in the way of slam dunk material.

So, out of the depths of boredom, a new beast has risen: please welcome Profiles In Plagiar-Ageism. The title is stolen, in part, from the fantastic series RUTS has been running on the potential Paterno replacement. He, of course, stole the title from the same series run by Brian after Carr's announcement.

Declaring the start of a series is a dangerous endeavor, but the past is important to understand in order to make ill fated predictions about the future, so the past must be studied. Prepare to be historized.

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