Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Every Team In The Big Ten Isn't Going To Run The Spread, Despite What You've Been Reading

According to Fanblog, the Big Ten is (once again) ready for the "speed" revolution that includes, of course, the spread offense. You know, because no one in the Big Ten has ever run the spread before:

Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore has been getting a lot of calls and hosting a lot of visitors during the off-season. And while that's to be expected after the Mountaineers knocked off Michigan last season, it may surprise some fans to hear that many of those calls & visits have been from Big 10 schools.
"Since Rodriguez got the Michigan job," [App State Coach] Moore said, "I've had calls from every other school in the Big Ten."
I'm damn curious to see if the entire Big 10 is about to undergo a complete offensive makeover.
For starters, people need to realize that the Big Ten is no stranger to the spread. Purdue has been running "Basketball on Grass" for years now, Northwestern is no stranger to the open offense either. Now Penn State will run it in HD. The list goes on...

The offense that Moore has been running is a direct descendant of the spread Rodriguez "invented" several years ago at Salem. Do you think, maybe, they are calling to learn how it works in order to defend it?

I'm pretty sure you can't stop Michigan's new spread by running the same thing your self, that doesn't seem to make any sense.


Hawkeye State said...

Iowa's running the controversial "reverse spread" where there will be one quarterback, one halfback, and 9 offensive linemen. Ken O'Keefe things the newfangled forward pass is overrated.

Wing T, here we come!

Run Up The Score! said...

I wish we could have a Ken O'Keefe vs. Jay Paterno intellectual showdown. Perhaps combining the contest in Billy Madison and hooking themselves up to that weird torture machine from "The Princess Bride".

Paterno Lives! said...

HS, it sounds like the reverse spread would actually be a pretty good run-defense.

I'm going to write a letter and just ask that the iowa game this year be offense against offense...on the field at the same time. Run, I think that'll get us there...the over under on PSU interceptions will still be at the usual level of 2.