Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost Cell Phones, Previews, Ugliness and Political Hockey

The fight/contract phase of Penn State blogging appears to be on the low end of the cycle, which is nice, but there is an update to Timmons' situation:

Timmons however was charged for conduct after the alleged [HUB Fight], when he was swearing loudly and overturning furniture while looking for his cell phone, according to court documents. Timmons also refused to leave when told to do so by Penn State police, court documents state.

Centre County Judge Thomas King Kistler placed Timmons on ARD for 12 months, essentially probation, and ordered him to serve one day of community service. If Timmons completes the program and is not arrested again, the charges will be dismissed and his record cleared of the arrest.
Kid's and their loud swearing...


Rivals has come out with a Big Ten roundup (if you've read a story about Penn State in the last three months you can skip the first several sentences):
Penn State

OVERVIEW: There was so much controversy surrounding the team this spring that football almost was an afterthought. Coach Joe Paterno did not get a new contract; several players were suspended, and one was dismissed from the team; and linebacker Sean Lee, an All-American candidate, suffered a knee injury that will force him to miss the season. But there was some good news. Taking advantage of the absence of suspended tight end Andrew Quarless, redshirt freshman Andrew Szczerba distinguished himself with strong performances in scrimmages and the Blue-White game. In addition, Stefan Wisniewski had a strong spring and could challenge Mike Lucian for the starting job at right guard.

LINGERING QUESTION: How will the Nittany Lions cope with the loss of Lee, their top defensive player? Penn State has good depth at linebacker, but replacing his production and leadership won't be easy.
Szczerba was fun to watch in the BW Game, and given Quarless' apparent laziness, he's doing a very good job of taken advantage of the situation.

As for the "Lingering Question", replacing Lee at linebacker is a lot more like "impossible" than "won't be easy" in he will not be replaced. Regardless, the defense is sill in good shape. The difference, of course, is that they will no longer be able to win ball games like they were forced to in the Morelli Era. The bigger question: who will play quarterback? And, more importantly: how good will they be? They need to be able to take advantage of the same receivers that Robinson used during 2005, only said recievers are now seniors instead of freshman. That story is going to make or break the season, the defense will be ok...not great, but even without Lee they are talented enough to hold up their end of the bargain.


Here is some good news: we don't to play in the Metrodome this year (I know, not really news, but always good to hear). In an effort to brighten up a home field that looks like an ill-lit basement, the Gophers will be wearing new uniforms:

Yup, still ugly.


The Governor, who several years ago pushed for the Superbowl to be moved to Beaver Stadium if the Steelers and Eagles were matched up, isn't done fighting for a professional sports matchup in State College:
Gov. Rendell would like to see an annual outdoor game between the Flyers and Penguins played at Beaver Stadium in State College.

Rendell told Comcast SportsNet yesterday that it would be a great way to preserve the rivalry that exists between the two franchises, which both entered the league in 1967. He also pitched it as a game that would disperse some of the proceeds to the United Way in both cities.

Having the governor carry the banner could remove a lot of obstacles, especially with his enthusiasm. Rendell noted that it would be a great event for people who normally don't get to see a game and predicted that an annual game would fill the stadium.


Nick said...

Why didn't McDonald's just come up with a few extra dollars to change the Minnesota "M" to the McDonald's "M"? 2 m's are just repetitive, unless we're talking m&m's.

Paterno Lives! said...

ya, i guess they are trying to keep with the theme of stupid looking...