Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When People Don't Think Before They Speak, Recruiting Gets Weird

Kansas' Coach Mangino on recruiting:

"My point is there's disinformation," Mangino said. "There's misinformation, because the kids even play games with these guys now and stroke them about they're going to take a visit here when the school is not recruiting them, and saying that they're considering Kansas and we talked to the guy the night before and we can't get to first base with him. [emphasis mine]
Nice choice of words, Mark, because you stalking 17 year old kids isn't already kinda weird.


Philip A. Wilcoxson said...

People make their own decisions. Life is what you make it. If you want to sit in front of a television and make other people make decisions for you that is your choice that you can make. But you always have a choice. You are master of your own destiny. There is always going to be people who are going to try to put you down and say things about you simply because they disagree with you or think you are stupid because they disagree with you or they simply have no vision to see anything that is important or possible outside of the realm of the everyday material mundane mediocred world that makes up our modern society. You are either a master or you are a slave. Who says you have to accept the reality of this life just because everybody else says you have to? You don't unless your life depends on it. In which case you really don't have much choice but to take your own life but that is still a choice. The important thing here is that we and I include all people are beginning to wake up and realize that there are some real possibilities out there besides living in a world that has no hope. What I mean to say is I'm making shit up as I go along. No really. Children and kids and teenagers and adolescents and parents and all are beginning to wake up and learn and read and become aware. Also becomming more evolved and more mature and less immature. Enlightened and wiser. I think this good. There is more I want to say but I lost my train of thought. I'll come back to it later. Peace.

Philip A. Wilcoxson said...

I forgot to check the email follow up comment box. Now I did. I hope that works.