Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Getting Really Tired Of This: Zookers In The Rose Bowl

Please make it stop!

The Rose Bowl's selection of a three-loss Illinois team in January sparked debate after Big 12 North champion Missouri, a team that had beaten the Illini in the season opener and held the No. 1 ranking at the end of November, was left out of the BCS. Many felt the Rose Bowl should have prioritized matchup over tradition and selected red-hot Georgia to face red-hot USC.
Ok, for the love of all that is holy, can someone get the story straight.

Why was Missouri left out of the BCS?
Because of the damn rules.

What rule?
The one that states that only two teams from a conference can play in the BCS in any given year.

What does that have to do with anything?
Well, no matter what the Rose Bowl wanted to do, they weren't allowed to select Missouri because Oklahoma and Kansas were already selected.

Oh, I see, I wonder how the WWL forgot that obvious rule...well, regardless, we should have been able to see USC and UGA in the Rose Bowl.
Why? It's not like that would have happened under the old system, so why does the BCS owe it to anyone now? Besides, look at this:
Unless they qualify to play in the NCG, the champions of selected conferences are contractually committed to host selected games:
Atlantic Coast Conference-Orange Bowl
Big Ten Conference-Rose Bowl
Big 12 Conference-Fiesta Bowl
Pac-10 Conference-Rose Bowl
Southeastern Conference-Sugar Bowl
C. When two bowls lose host teams [Rose lost #1 OSU, Sugar lost #2 LSU], then the bowl losing the number one team [Rose] may not select a replacement team from the same Conference as the number two team [The SEC, or, more specifically, Georgia], unless the bowl losing the number two team [The Sugar] consents[Ya fucking right].
You see that? The only way that the Rose could get a USC-UGA matchup, even if they wanted one, was if the Sugar decided to just give away Georgia. Not. Gonna. Happen. Why would they? Give up a regional draw for Illinois? An Illinois team, and an Illinois fanbase, that is going to feel like they were screwed out of that 'magical' trip to the Grandaddy Of Them All? Doubt it.

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