Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Time, It's Good For You

Obviously a nice weekend when you land two three ranked prospects.

Especially when one came via Ohio State:

[Darrell Givens] said of the decision, "Ohio State and Penn State both had all the things I'm looking for. The only thing that swayed me to Penn State was playing time. I can play early at Penn State."
This is a bit important on a couple of levels. For starts it means we won't be totally debilitated like some might have thought. Penn State is still a good school, the game day atmosphere rivals any in the country, and the football specific facilities are top notch. We have just one problem, of course, age. However, a recent trend that doesn't appear to be going away is the impatience of recruits as far as getting on the field.

With so many players running out of eligibility after 2008, and the large number of scholarships available, this might work as a nice offset.

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