Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old School vs. New School

The Big Ten wants to spearhead a new dead period in the summer:

"We've gone to a policy where three coaches have to be in the office at all times," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said Wednesday. "God forbid you're not there when you've got a pretty good prospect and his parents standing outside the door. A dead period means no body's going to drift into your office.
For a guy who is getting fired at the end of the year, I'm not sure why Tiller still cares. But good for him.
If approved, the proposal would be taken to the NCAA. Gaining the support from head coaches of other conferences will be vital and could be difficult, given the opposition from some to new rules prohibiting off-campus recruiting visits during the spring evaluation period.

"I don't know if everybody will buy it or not," Tiller said. "If not, I suppose we could do something independently as a conference, but I think we're going to take the lead on this nationally."
Really bad idea: tell Big Ten coaches they can't recruit while the other 109 schools in the nation can.
Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez supports the plan and noted the benefit of having dead periods, like the one during the annual American Football Coaches Association convention.

"That would be healthy."
Going out on a limb here:

Coaches For The Proposed Dead Period
Tiller - Even though he's not coaching anymore.
Alvarez - Who isn't coaching, but still gets to speak.
Paterno - Probably thinks there already is a dead period in the summer.

Coaches Against The Proposed Dead Period
Dickrod - How is he suppose to steal Tiller's recruits if he can't talk to them?
Tressel - The biggest PA high school basketball fan you've ever met, since 2008.
Zook - Although he's already found a loophole.


gostate said...

this will never happen

Hawkeye State said...

Yes, Tiller, God forbid you GO TO WORK. Holy hell does that man hate recruiting.