Thursday, May 1, 2008

+1-1=Current BCS

Working on a Profiles In Plagiar-Ageism, which is a task not easily done. In the meantime two quick topical points:

-There won't be a +1 anytime soon. I'm ok with this, mostly because it's not really going to solve anything. Yes teams #3 and #4 get in, but what happens when #4 wins? How many teams from each conference are allowed? Where are you going to play the games? In the South and West of course, where the power bowls currently are. That's bullshit for the rest of us.

-Old Man Media v Basement blogger has been a hot topic ever since the CostasNow episode on Tuesday night. I could talk all day about it but I'll save you the trouble. Blogs aren't newspapers. They aren't here to replace "news". They are the people taking back some of the power. For the rest of the story I'll defer to what I consider the best analysis of this whole thing.

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