Thursday, May 15, 2008


From WWL 'expert' Ivan The Terrible:

Behind the Buckeyes, the race gets interesting. Wisconsin will challenge. After the Badgers, which team comes next? Is Illinois ready to handle being the hunted? Can quarterback Juice Williams run for 755 yards again, without first-round draft pick Rashard Mendenhall there to distract the defense? Some challenger will emerge from mediocrity. Penn State? Iowa? Michigan State? Northwestern?
Yes, The University of Ohio State is, without question, the favorite this year. They did too well in the conference last season and have too many quality people to reload with. After that, does it really go: Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern (or other teams of "mediocrity"?). This is your classic example of ESPN analysis that consists of looking at last years standings, applying some well known events like Michigan turnover, and acting like you have a clue.

Keep up the good work Ivan.

Update: Oh, and he is...
Notre Dame's offensive line got pushed around last year but didn't seem to do much about it. The linemen have gotten bigger and stronger. If they also have gotten more aggressive, Clausen will be able to set his feet.
Are you kidding me? If Notre Dame lineman can get bigger, stronger and more aggressive, the quarterback will be able to set his feet....BRILLIANT!

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