Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes, the season is over.

I was going to write some sappy drag on piece like the one on BSD today, but BSD's is actually intelegent and a good overview of all the little shit we delt with this year. There is a lot of this on the blogs this week and I can't help but join the chorus. The fight in August was terrible, it boiled down but then we were left with a team dealing with suspensions and three non-leaders trying (elegidly) to hold together a team that obviously has Pacman Jones type issues.

Here is what is sad: nothing, abso-fucking-nothing, is going to change next season. There is talk that Hall is out, but I assure you Jaypa is not. We have two rookie QBs who have seen ZERO time outside of that Temple merry-go-round. I have to think that they will go into the season with the same type of non-confidence Morelli brought to the table two years ago. I think about the hope we all had that day, only to watch him show zero development in two years.

Enough of the sad story, maybe we'll get some old rag to run our offense and Clark to bring back the MRob magic. The running game looks good, which is both awesome and terrible in that we can sleep well at night knowing we are not in danger watching an exciting offense next season.

Next years brief outline later, i guess, because it's going to be a long eight months and we should get going on the shitty part now.

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