Monday, November 26, 2007

Pittsburgh, get fake turf already.

Seriously, what the hell are you waiting for? You let eight high school teams play on the field. You allow that excuse for a college to play their home games there. You let them bring half a dozen fans to every contest. You even let this company brag about keeping the field "lush and green." Breaking news in Pittsburgh: your field is not lush or is wet, slippery and shitty. Also, is that Troy Polamalu laying the grass?

Finally, did you forget to paint the lines or what? I've seen dozens of games played in rain and none of them ever wash away the paint. Not even at my old high school.

Now I suppose I have to relate this to Penn State somehow, and in fact it does. You are 2 hours from the premiere turf grass research institution in the nation. They have a fricken Turf Grass Club! Penn State turf grass has been in space. Thousands of golf courses use PSU grass, the filed at Beaver Stadium is, at its worst, wet. On most days, beautiful. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Pittsburgh turf at halftime

See that? Grass AND lines!

In almost related news: Ted Ginn was the worst 1st round pick every...well maybe not ever...anyway, they passed on a possible franchise player, amongst other talented athletes, for a guy who calls a fair catch on every punt because he's afraid to take a hit.

UPDATE: Its 11:25 and I just want to point out that I will never get these three hours back. Life can be cruel.

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