Thursday, November 29, 2007

Afternoon rundown...

-BSD is blog-reporting that Kenny Tate will/might attend PSU. This could make our future wide receiving core scary. Prior think of the magic!!!

-So after five years and roughly $512,664 worth of legal fees, the [Name Redacted] has exposed us all to the shocking truth: Paterno makes $512,664 a year. Talk about anticlimactic. It was ruled public information by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court even though the Commonwealth only supplies about 10% of the total Penn State budget. I would share the name of the totally-awesome-investigative douche bags but then I would shed the impression that their nonsense was appropriate.

-PA has produced another highly touted QB for the class of 2009, his name is Tom Savage...damn that is an awesome name. He is currently ranked #64 on the 2009 Top 100 list.

-The PSU Men's basketball team beat Va Tech in a game I didn't realize was even part of the BigTen/ACC slaughter Challenge. PSU is tired of carrying this league's basketball reputation as they are now 0-9 in the challenge with this most recent 8 games to 3 loss.

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