Friday, November 30, 2007

The 'Shitshow' Scenario

Alright, let's just get right into it.

Required key games for 'Shitshow' to become reality:

Tennessee (+8) beats LSU
Hawaii (-14) beats Washington
VT (-4.5) beats BC

Projected Top 14:
1. Missouri 12-1 - MNC Game
2. West Virginia 11-1 -MNC Game
3. Ohio State 11-1 - Rose
4. Georgia 10-2 - Sugar
5. Virginia Tech 10-2 - Orange
6. Kansas 11-1 - Fiesta
7. USC 10-2 - Rose
8. Oklahoma 10-2 - (Cotton v Ark)
9. Florida 9-3 (leftover)
10. Tennessee 9-3 - Orange
11. LSU 10-3 (leftover)
12. Hawaii 12-0 - Sugar
13. Arizona State 10-2 (Sun v USF)
14. Illinois 9-3 (leftover)
Unranked. Penn State 8-4
Unranked. Michigan 8-4

Ok, so we have Florida, who is left out of the BCS because Tennessee gets a Conference Championship auto-bid. You have LSU left out for the same reason. Illinois has largely been forgotten due to the Big Ten's moronic rule of being finished before Thanksgiving.

So lets get down to the best part of 'Shitshow'. The Capital One Bowl might just become the most watched bowl of the season. Their SEC options are an amazing Florida and LSU. On the Big Ten side they are looking at either Michigan, Illinois or Penn State. Now you don't need me or anyone else to explain to you how this will play out, and Les v Michigan bowl game just might be biggest bowl game of the season and it's not even a BCS member.

You are talking about a very weak BCS lineup. Hawaii is a joke but did win all their games. OSU v USC is interesting but they both play again week three of next season. VT and Tennessee are both 'mhu' teams and I don't really give a damn about that game. Even the Mythical National Championship game is soft this year.

All this would mean the Outback bowl really dropped the ball. You are talking about a contest that is just barely hanging on to New Years Day status (why the hell do they start this game at 11:00 am?), and they jumped the gun by selecting Wisconsin. If they would have just taken a deep breath they could have been looking at the chance to get both Florida and the Zookmaster. That is a dream matchup but instead you picked Wisconsin (who's fans will be tuning into the game at 10am local time after drinking all night) to be this weeks Tebo Sacrificial Lamb...not smart guys.

Of course this lands us back where we started, on our way to the Champs Suck Don't Sneze On Me Alamo Bowl, but not getting destroyed in the Cap One isn't a terrible thing, and I can live with December 28th if it means I get to see Les blow out his future employer.

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