Monday, November 19, 2007

We didn't lose

anything. To be honest, I got worked up for the game as usual, but what was really lost? Yes, the pride of our defense, or more specifically, the secondary. But was I really going to be excited about the Alamo Bowl? Even if we snuck into the Outback, would an SEC thumping really make me feel better about the season?

At least this way we are going to end up where be belong. Out of the Top 25, out of a New Years Day bowl, removed from relevance.

I could go into the whole "fitting end to a fitting season thing", that was my first thought after I finished up my 15th light beer at 7 pm on Saturday...and while I'm sure that line will be beaten to death on every PSU blog that gets written today, the truth is this game really doesn't reflect the team, or the season, very well:

The team played hard, the linebackers, offensive linemen and specifically Kinlaw had great games. We even thought with an open mind from time to time, faking a field goal! I can't remember the last time Joe called that. Then there was the series on the MSU 23 yard line. PSU fans, sick of the running conservative offense, saw three (terrible) passes all in a row...a far cry from the 1960's red zone offense we have witnessed all season. Morelli didn't through any picks, we won the turnover battle...we even took an early lead on the road.

Yet somehow we blew it. To be honest I hardly care. I sure did, but its Monday and I'm over it. Sure, I wanted that piece of shit trophy back in State College, but is anyone really going to miss that stupid thing? We didn't have to burn all that jet fuel to carry it along and I think I can speak for Al Gore by saying: thank you PSU secondary, thank you for blowing the game, not covering the only two players who were catching passes and letting MSU match right down the field in that half full stadium against a team that wasn't playing for anything...the world is a cooler place because of it and you should be commended.

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