Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Champs Suck Don't Sneeze on Me Alomo Bowl

You forgot, didn't you? You thought the season was over. It sure feels like it, but oh no fellas, we have one more prize to look forward to, and I'm not talking about this piece of shit:

No, in fact winning a meaningless bowlgame will end with a much better trophy than winning a meaningless Big Ten game beating our hated rival MSU. Check this baby out:

Ya, based on the experts, who have been amazingly wrong in their bowl projections on a weekly basis, we are headed to the Champs Sports Bowl. We could end up several places, but this seems the most likly. There is also a decent chance we could win this hunk of meaningless nothing:

Yup, still cooler than the Land Grant. So not only do you get the trophy, but they blow up balloons of several different colors and through you a party that can only be rivaled by renting out the back room of a McDonalds. FREE FRENCH FRIES FOR EVERYONE!

A large part of this rests on, for the most part, just one game: the Big XII Championship...but more on that later...

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