Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wow, that hurts.

So the MSU loss was a kick in the balls. Not so much the fact that the game was in the bag and we coached or way to a loss, no the fact that it made us 8-4 instead of 9-3.

Wisconson has accepted a bid to play in the Outback Bowl. Why the Outback Bowl is giving out invites before the Capital One is something I do not understand, but what I do understand is that, if OSU manages to sneak into the Mythical National Championship game this year (a result of a WVU or Missou loss), that means the Zooker's have a very good shot at getting into the Rose Bowl.

Meaning, a PSU team, sitting with just three losses and winning several games in a row, would almost certainly be offered the Capital One slot over Michigan. We could have been playing for this!

No, not the goofy white man who thinks cheating on kickoffs makes him smart, the wood and metal he is standing next to.

In the end, it might be just fine. Our play calling is pansy like, or quarterback doesn't show up for big games, our defense decided the season ended a month having Tebo run up the middle for 8 yards/carry would not boost moral in the long run.

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