Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow. Action? Action! [Edit: Some Day]

Remember when I was bitching about ticket scalping? Well it looks like PSU is thinking about actually trying to do something about it.

The opinion suggests placing student ticket packages on student ID cards, as opposed to paper tickets, to help prevent students from scalping their entire package for a high profit.

Along with placing tickets on students' IDs, UPUA suggests an anonymous online ticket exchange site, possibly on eLion, Vickrey said. Students could resell a maximum of three tickets per season, which would not allow elevated prices.

Vickrey said money would be transferred to students' bursar accounts, but they could request a check from the bursar.

If the selling maximum is not enacted, the opinion calls to penalize students caught selling their ticket package by banning them from purchasing tickets.

So, if I'm understanding this right, the actual "ticket" will be transfered from one ID to another through this Must Sell At Cost ticket exchange. A pretty good idea, honestly. I'd make damn sure your systems are working well, but deferentially a creative solution that I can get behind.

Hold on, though. What about this law? The one that lifted the 25% profit limit for ticket sclapters (which was never enforced anyway) and allowed legal, unlimited price increases?

Oh that little guy? Don't worry about that little guy.

"As long as it's written into the contract when you purchase tickets, and you promise not to do something like that, if you are caught scalping your tickets, you will be punished," Keller said.

Alright, lets do it! Right? Right?
Greg Myford, associate athletic director for marketing and communications, said tiered distribution is something that may be worked on in the "long haul" but would have to be carefully examined and would not be ready for implementation this fall.

Myford said there are some aspects of the opinion that may be in practice by this fall but would not comment on them specifically.

"The opinion is solid and has a lot of viable suggestions," Myford said. "I will say that a lot of what is written in the opinion is being given serious consideration."

Sweet Greg, keeping up the good work man.

Full story here.

Ridiculous and seemingly pointless call to action (see "long haul" comment above) written last fall by our boy Greg here.


JP said...

...So you eat the $25 fee to get a new ID card and you sell your card (with your tickets on it) for a grand?

/Do you guys use your ID to do anything besides go to the rec? Just wondering if you could get by a football season without using it. Unless they actually look at the picture on the card, which I know they don't do at tOSU, I don't see that working.

Nick said...

If it's swiped, it probably works like a credit card and the old card will come up as invalid when you head into the stadium.

Paterno Lives! said...

right, i don't think the 'tickets' are on the card, but on your account which you need your card to access. for example, if you lost your card, you are able to keep your meal points with a new one.

as for the current id thing, every year they said the are 'really' going to check at the gate and every year they didn't. maybe that's changed in the last couple of years but i doubt it.

Kepners said...

As long as Joepa is the coach there will be no need to pay more than face value for a ticket anyway.

Nick said...

Apparently, you've never been to a game.