Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Americans And Their Damn Table Habbits [Joe Will Have None Of It]

Nothing pisses me off more than when someone tries to serve me ice cream on the same plate as something other than pie*. I'm not one to mix my shit up, JoePa agrees.

"I had a little bit of soul search I had to do when President Clinton was here the other day," Paterno said Saturday. He said he felt that perhaps he should welcome Clinton out of respect for his status as a former president.

But in the end, Paterno said, "I didn't want to get into that because of my situation, because I couldn't vote for either one of them because I'm a Republican." He later declined to say whether he was supporting Sen. John McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee.
You see that? The ice cream was running toward the carrots but Joe made sure to put an end to that when things got dangerous. Good man.

Speaking of ice cream
During his visit, Bill Clinton also fondly recalled the "Peachy Paterno" ice cream at the school's creamery during an earlier visit to Happy Valley.

*I couldn't tell you when this has ever happened to me, but for some reason I have this terrible memory, maybe from a past life, of vanilla ice cream headed straight for something I should have eaten at least 15 minutes before desert was served.


ZN said...

After the stuff Bill has said, I don't blame JoePa. Not that I'm Republican, or anything...

Nick said...

I believe he was referring to the fact that since it's a primary, only registered democrats can vote for the democratic candidates. His choices, as a Republican, are McCain and Ron Paul. Regardless, I can't believe how much damn press coverage his comments received, unfortunately the last thing reporters seemed interested in was football coverage. You know the things they're paid to write about and what people are so desperately craving at this point in the offseason.

Paterno Lives! said...

shh nick, guys like you and I can't talk trash about real writers, they are professionals with degrees, and we all (ready for it!) live in our mom's basement.

but exactly, joe doesn't say shit for like 3 months and then when he talks, it's about the one thing i'm pretty tired of hearing about.