Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's Get This Out Of The Way

So I've spent the morning trying to write something that "puts things in perspective" and sheds some optimism on the situation, but I simply can't: losing Lee is devastating.

Reason One: Talent
I commented on this before, but I really think it's true: the guy probably is now (and definitely will be) better than both Poz and Connor.

Reason Two: Leadership
Has any team in any sport, in the history of time, ever needed leadership like PSU does right now? I'm not going to rehash the last four months six months ten months of posts regarding fights, DUI's and yelling back at Michigan fans like a five year old, but let's just all agree that the only way the program is going to straighten out is if the players decide to do it. The coaches and admins appear to busy worrying what will become of their legacy, son, cash cow and, in many cases, young coaching career.

Reason Three: He Is Totally Irreplaceable
I know I should put this under #1 but I think it's different. We've always had a leader in the LB spot, and they've always been good. Poz became that guy, Connor naturally followed, and now Lee seems like the undisputed heir...we'll I'm looking around and who's after Lee? I'm sure there is a guy but whoever they are they aren't ready.

Or maybe they are, I don't know. I guess will find out when this off-season for the ages (in a bad way) ends and we actually get to watch football games.

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