Monday, April 7, 2008

Why There Can Be A Class About JoePa Media Relations

Introducing the new three headed QB quarterback system at Penn State

From this little story:
Asked whether he would consider employing a two-quarterback system this fall, Penn State coach Joe Paterno essentially said, why not three?
'I don't have to make that decision,'' Paterno said. ''Why should I make it? All I want to do is make everybody out there as good as they can be.'

This isn't even news, to be honest I'm not really sure why I'm posting it. Paterno was asked a question, Paterno gave an answer no one would ever take seriously. This is pretty much standard operating procedure.

Did find this a bit interesting, though.
'The biggest problem we have is letting all three have an equal opportunity to show what they can do,'' Paterno said. ''We're going to play all three of them all spring. Then I'll sit down with [quarterbacks coach] Jay [Paterno] and say, 'Maybe we should start using this guy in these situations.'''

So this I kind of like, it means Joe would use a two QB system. At least it implies it when you say things like "in these situations".

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