Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Thoughts On That Five Star, Now Graduated Quarterback

I wasn't going to touch on this but something appears a little bit irrational to me. Anthony Morelli was a five star quarterback out of Pittsburgh. He brought passing records, lots of high school wins and an arm of steal to Happy Valley. It was said he "couldn't read defenses", mostly by people who don't really understand what that means.

Well it turns out that is true...although not entirely. Mostly, he couldn't handle pressure. He couldn't check his receivers. Also, he couldn't make the easy through because everything off his hand was at top speed.

Now I'm not here to defend anyone, I'll bash JayPa with the best of them, but this one isn't his fault. Jay is totally underqualified for his position, and besides that he isn't very good at what he does, but does anyone really think Morelli was coachable? I watched enough of his nonsense to think, simply, "no".

Was he "actually undercoached"? Maybe, but I'm not sure anyone in the Big Ten has what it takes to make him not-actually that way.

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