Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Legend Of Link: "No Bad News" Edition

-For the rest of you MSM haters, an great explanation (from Deadspin, of course) on the reason the 'real' writers just don't get it.

-Speaking of MSM, Ivan Maison of ESPN, who doesn't suck as bad as some of the other guys, apparently hadn't written a "Paterno Is Quite Old" story in the last six months...well the quota has been reached.

-Brian at MGoBlog took a trip to watch UM blow it in the Frozen Four, but in the process wrote a good piece on the nature of hockey spectatordome. As a fellow stat loser I agree.

-The Branch Campus debate rages on. (I'm not sure how this ever became an issue. The problem isn't that there aren't enough seats. Remember the Purdue game this year? The student section was maybe half full at kickoff. The problem is scalping, period. Stop people's ability to scalp tickets and I'm willing to bet that things will work themselves out.)

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Nick said...

Speaking of Link, enjoy this expensive April Fools stunt.