Thursday, April 17, 2008

Austin Scott Trial Update

Austin Scott is still alive and still on trial, the latest news:

Prosecutors in the rape trial against former Penn State tailback Austin Scott have appealed the trial judge's rulings allowing evidence of the alleged victim's involvement in a separate sexual assault case to be heard in court.

Assistant District Attorney Lance Marshall, in notifying a Centre County court Tuesday that he was appealing to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, said the orders would "terminate or substantially handicap the prosecution."

This relates, of course, to an accusation made by this same girl in a rape case from 2003. She eventually admitted to fabricating the story.

This isn't a law blog, it's about football, and this news story isn't in the sports section, but that didn't stop them from throwing this bit it:
"[Scott's] arrived at Penn State in 2003 as a highly-rated recruit after rushing for 3,853 yards and 53 yards , both Pennsylvania records , during his senior year at Parkland High School."
Really? A story about a rape case and you tell us how many yards he had in high school? And nice typo.

Anyway, can't wait to see the national media totally ignore the verdict in this case despite jumping all over it when the accusations were first brought out.


Matthew said...

Looks like there won't be any verdict at all. How about some analysis of the whole Scott saga, now that its pretty much finished?

Paterno Lives! said...

thats a very good idea.

whats really too bad about these things is that they are getting dropped before a would be one thing if the da was filing all these charges and losing the case, but too often he doesn't have anything that even resembles one.