Monday, October 1, 2007

You started a PSU football site now?

You bet your ass I did! Why? Because it's getting sad and I want to be here when we hit rock botttom! But seriously, I'm still here talking about it, right?

I'm not really sure how you start one of these things, but I've posted enough information, and looked up enough fourth quarter stats from 1992, to justify putting them all in one place.

Before we go forward lets get the 'credentials' out of the way. I can't spell. I often swear when I talk about football, although when I type I will occasionally add one of these things: #*&%@, to protect the children. I am a PSU grad, but I also grew up in 3 Midwest states and discuss football (read as "talk trash") with alum from at least 8 of the member schools.

I think the football 'experts' of ESPN, Fox, CBS and SI have football credibility like Brittany Spears has music credibility...or for the rest of you midwesterners: like MJ has single A baseball credibility.

In the wake of this past summer's Big Ten Bashing Season, I defended every 'developing' QB, every 'improved' defense, and argued that SEC speed is a myth. The SEC speed claim is still as phony as the email I got from my rich Saudi Prince cousin this morning, but sadly I am eating my words on just about everything else.

But that comes with the territory, and I am happy to report that, although a lot of teams are down right now, some are up! And more importantly, my Cans per Saturday ("CSP") consumption ratio is as high as its ever been!

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