Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The O$U Fetish

The nation has had it ever since the 2002 Mythical National Championship was won in overtime on the back of a pass interference call. So why is this team still getting the benefit of the doubt 5 years later? They received an overwhelming number of first place votes this week, and are listed at the #1 team in the nation in every 'expert' poll I've seen since Sunday.

My question is this: what separates O$U from Arizona State? Or Hawaii for that matter.

None of the listed have wins over ranked teams, all three have shown weaknesses against inferior opponents, yet there seems to be a rather overwhelming consensus that the Buckeyes are the cream of the crop. This despite the fewest passing attempts in the nation, a rookie QB, and a 3-2 score at the half against Akron.

USF, on the other hand, has beaten a surging Aurburn team on the road, and of course their signature win over WVU in a turnover orgy of a football game.

So to answer my question, I turn to the response given by the all knowing homer, Kirk Herbstreit:

" OSU has the best defense in the country. At this time I would say they are a definate lock for the #1 spot and deservedly so. #2 USF doesnt have the history it takes to win a national championship. Change thier name to USC or LSU and I would say they are a lock to win the national championship."

Well put you shameless homer. Where is the logic of filling in O$U #1 when you admit the next morning on the radio that USF is more deserving?

This is all going to shake out, I'm sure, with O$U playing at PSU and at Michigan, but it doesn't change the obvious fact that, although everyone loves to use the word 'parity' to describe the fact that just about anyone can win on any week, the truth is we are still stuck in old times with press no ready to admit that the Blue Bloods are on an even keel with the rest of college football.

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