Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ranking the teams, ya, it's kind of like...

It's getting harder and harder every week. In a 'normal' year, you make your preseason picks, drop a team a couple spots when they lose and then push everyone else up. This year is more like cleaning up a car wreck every Sunday.

It's also getting harder to just through down my pencil and declare "everyone sucks!" And to be honest it wouldn't be that far off. Michigan, who is in the driver seat of the Big Ten with O$U at home, lost to, of course App State. USC, by far the most talented team of the decade, just lost to frickin' Stanford. Auburn loses to Miss State but then beats Florida in the Swamp. I'm throwing my hands up at this point.

USF has two wins over ranked teams. O$U has zero. BC has zero. Arizona State and Hawaii all have zero. Not sure how O$U is the clear number one in the BCS right now, but this won't be the first time I shake my head at that stupid ranking system and I have to think it wont be the last.

I think Michigan coming on strong, sadly, and I think Cal is for real even if the freshman that started last week is brain dead (although very talented). Well, I'll be drawing the "Top 11" out of hat next week if this keeps up.

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