Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beat OSU, someone...

Ok, we all need to just deal with the fact that O$U fans are never going to stop, its like a nasty combination of post-super bowl patriots arrogance and notre dame 'program' dick sucking....we are on the track and the train (an undefeated OSU who was beating Akron 3-2 at halftime) is commin' through.
Playing texas last year, or USC next year, does not excuse the fact that OSU's best win was worse than BC, Az State and Kan...yet they are the #1 team. This is the world we live in and damnit I'm going to enjoy this "which end of my body am I talking out of" nonsense right up until the bubble burst in Happy Valley this Saturday...it will give me more to laugh at on Sunday.
The point of this story is right now: if OSU wins out, and gets to play anyone but BC, they will be embarrassed, and, thus, all of our reputations will be tarnished. The thing that OSU fans dont get, though, is that I don't root for their team in OOC games...or even in intersquad games. And, for the most part, I don't root for any of you guys. If someone is going to bask in glory, they better damn well be over 1000 miles away and talk funny, because I don't want to have to hear about it for 9 months.
OSU faithful, keep up the good work, your comical carry over from pre-NC trash talking is back in full force despite your total lack of preparation and talent against UF...

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