Tuesday, October 2, 2007

0-8-0-1 (Wins-Losses-Ties-Did Not Lose)

I want to be the first to congratulate our coaching staff on a great 'Did Not Lose' against Michigan, and while at first I was baffled by our gameplan of running up the middle against a defense that couldn't stop App State's passing game, it's all coming together now. We knew we would not lose, and since it is too risky to try and win, we were just getting the game over with as quickly as we could...brilliant!

Of course all of this is still pending, but come one! It's a lock, I mean they used a kid on special teams, four whole plays, who was eleigable to play in the NCAA, but not the Big Ten. Cheaters!

Ok, but seriously, what exactly does this mean? I learned about the quirky way that the Big Brother of college athletics works when Oklahoma was 'punished', however none of their opponents were allowed to discard the losses. We all can rest assured that this will have absolutely no impact on the media's opinion of us or the way we are ranked. And it shouldn't, really. So what about Michigan? What if they run the table, or at least knock off Wiscy or OSU? I don't really see it hurting them either. So this is all great news, UM getting in trouble, but in the end, who's situation is really being affected here?

If anyone has info on how this will affect anything, I'd love to hear it.

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