Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My uncanny ability to call out the phonies

"Almost buddy!"

For the past two weeks, I have had much to brad about but managed to stay mum, that is until now. It's late on a weeknight, and tired of working during my sleeping time, its time to brad to the 3 people that read this blog about my two upset picks over the past 14 days.

Illinois over Wisconsin

Not technically an upset according to Vegas standards, but know from multiple sources that the public did not have Wisconsin, ranked 5th nationally and about 20 spots ahead of Illinois, falling to the Zooker's in this weeks pick'em.

Iowa of Illinois

I was called crazy for this but there was one major issue I thought couldn't be avoided: Like Ron Zook 'foot skiing', Illinois' offense is quirky yet rather simple. Enough game film and I think even a team hat hasn't won a Big Ten match in 365 days has a chance. That losing streak belonged to Iowa and I was happy to pick them.

So what about this week? Well I am torn, I think OSU, Minnesita and Wiscy are saft this week, and you know I'm not picking JoePa. Two games stick out:

Michigan @ Illinois (+2.5)
This Michigan game sounds like a total trap, for a Zooker team off a big loss and a Michigan team back in the polls....any idiot would take Big Blue, which is why I'm picking against them. The Ill spread is for real is so is Michigan's crappy ability to defend it. More importantly, the real flaw is the Michigan D is not the terrible pass defense, but rather their inability to contain the mobil quarterback: enter Juice.

Iowa @ Purdue (-7)
Iowa won their first Big Ten game in over a year last Saturday and to be honest I'm not really sure how. They had two punts go under 20 yards, averaged 3 yards per rush, and had 6 penalties at home. I still think they will beat one of the most broken teams in the country in Purdue. What seamed like one of the best scoring squads in the Big Ten, or maybe the nation, is now a mess that has scored the vast majority of their points in 4th quarter garbage time over the past two weeks.

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