Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Joe Knows Optimizm, and Field Hockey

Yep, after reading his reaction I couldn't help but re-read a couple of comments just to make sure I was understanding. Sometimes it seems like its the same record answers, even after 4 turnovers in the red zone. After getting through this thing I almost said "forget it" to a quick highlight reel, but I had already copy-pasted something, and I didn't want those 8 seconds to have been in vein:

First, what's important:

"How do you think Anthony Morelli played against Illinois? Are you considering a quarterback change this week? "

"He does a great job....We're not going to make any changes."

My Take: We lose two games to unranked squads, something we didn't do all of last year, and we are eager to put the blame somewhere. I think, other than the offensive coaches box, the QB position is really what is bringing us down. Maybe he will turn it around, and sure hope so, I don't know how much more this I can take.

"Is Evan Royster getting closer to seeing some minutes?"

"I don't know that will change much..."

My take: Very.....consistent.

Then, the funny:

"I'm not suggesting a change, but is there a scenario where, say, Clark could give you what you might not have similar to when Michael Robinson would come in for Zack Mills?"

You just changed.. I'm trying to think what we used to say when we took our English courses, paraphrase something a little differently.

My take: You have to give it to him, he's old, but dammit he hasn't forgot his grammar.

"On the fumbles, do you think the balls have been put away? Is there a pattern?"

"Honest to goodness, the fumbles are funny....If you watched our practice for two hours, you won't see one fumble."

My take: They really aren't funny, painful maybe, but not in a funny way. I would even allow the use of the word 'comical', but, again, I don't mean it in a funny way.

"The last time you played Iowa, it was the 6-4 game (2004)."

"The hockey game (laughter). "

My take: Ya, girl's middle school field hockey.

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